Slovenia, meet your Destiny!

On February 1st 2017, Slovenian consultancy, search and selection company Kadis d.o.o. will pilot their first MOOC in Slovenian language. The topic will be Business Communication.

In just a couple of days, we received almost 200 applications (an impressive result for a nation this size!). This is evidence that the need for online learning and developing soft skills is growing. The trend is particularly visible in younger people and the job seekers target group, but is also growing in currently-employed adults.

We based the majority of the content of Business Communication on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which represents a different approach to somewhat classic business themes. Our attendees will know in just three weeks:

–        How to prepare for any kind of public speaking

–        How to negotiate

–        Understand non-verbal communication

–        Basic business etiquette

Our company motto is “We develop your potentials!”, and with online learning growing from strength to strength to support us, I guess it looks like we are going to be doing that for many years to come.

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