DOBA Business School to Expand Teamwork MOOC

In Autumn 2016 our partners in Slovenia launched their first e-learning course: Approaches to Interpersonal Communication Skills, Enthusiasm and Teamwork. The course was designed to focus on your attitude and behaviour, master your body language, hone your problem-solving skills and help you to become an effective decision-maker.

Based on the evaluation of the first run, DOBA Business School is implementing the upgraded version of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from 27th March to 18th April 2017. There are 135 participants enrolled and more students signing up daily. The course allows participants to deepen their knowledge on teamwork and expand it by adding practical virtual and multicultural aspects. The MOOC is run in the Slovenian language.

Do you know the difference between group work and teamwork? Are you more of an individualist or a team player? Which is your most effective team role? Are you skilled in working in multicultural teams? Teamwork has become an indispensable component of business processes in almost every company and organisation. Familiarising yourself with effective leadership and teamwork qualities can improve your chances of securing a new role or a promotion in the workplace.

If you want to develop your teamwork skills, either in your existing job or to give you the edge when applying for new work, and want to join 135 other students embarking on the same study option, you can find the Approaches to Interpersonal Communication Skills, Enthusiasm and Teamwork course here (if it’s your first time with Destiny, please follow the link and create your new account to start learning).



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