Bridging the Skills and Employability Gap

The number of available MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) has grown enormously in recent years. Major players such as Coursera are reporting over 13 million students and over 1000 courses

So far, but their focus is academic in nature.

Therefore, the question remains as to whether there are also MOOCs available out there that are designed to accommodate the well-established need for more innovation and entrepreneurship among our businesses in order to foster economic growth and provide jobs for the  unemployed; in other words, MOOCs that can serve as a bridge between the offerings of academia and the needs of businesses.

The DESTINY project is answering this question, and seeks to re-align education to better accommodate labour market needs, i.e. raise the skills of workseekers, reduce youth unemployment, and build the institutional capacity of higher education using innovative education pedagogy with MOOCs.

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